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R/NDOM zine | €8 per issue (ex. ppd)


R/NDOM zine | €8 per issue (ex. ppd)

The R/NDOM zine series was the start of self-publishing and my entry into the art book scene. Making zines is a great and quick way to experiment with various concepts and techniques from photography to collages. Most of which will find its way into my books and other publications.

These are the few issues left from what originally was a subscription series. The series ran from 2014 - 2018 with a total of 30 issues.

Edition of 45

Each issue contains:
- Booklet Size: A5 (8.3" x 5.8")
- A3 poster on blueback paper
- One or several postcards / flyers
- Silkscreened craft envelope


NL - €6.00
INT - €9.00

* Will be send registered